Polkadots is extremly in right now, I think its super cute. atleast a bit. The dress on the pic over is really cute, but there some dresses that dont fit this type of print. Sorry, i didnt ind any exampels but im tired. well, ive had a hole day with only work.. Yeah, there are really many celebs who wears this style. and right know its fashionable. I think in the summer its going to get e bit more unintresting, then it is now.

So, you agree or disagree?

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In my opinion this is an amazing style! or well, it depends on witch colors you use. I like the mix between Brown & Blue and Blond& Pink. it also lookes cute when you use two colores, shown in the picture above. I dont think it lookes good when you use colors as green and red etc.. Im actually considering doing this with my own hair so I think its defently HOT. I know a few celebs hwo wear this style
- Nicki Minaj
- Jasmine V
It is some others as well, but i dont bother to write down all of them. Selena Gomez has it to, but her atand to get it faild Big Time. She has stripes with blue and some other coloers, but with this style your supposed to just dip the tips of your hair in the coloer. This is super fashionable! If you consider doing it, this is the right time. You never know when a new atyle comes along. 

Hot or Not?

XoXo True Bitch

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